Bob Stoops Still Upset Oklahoma Did Not Get Invited To BCS Last Season

By Ty Duffy

Bob Stoops has reached carefree old man status. The Oklahoma coach already weighed in on amateurism and on SEC dominance this spring. It turns out he’s still steamed about being shut out of the BCS as well.

From Tulsa World:

"“Going into the bowl games, Northern Illinois had one loss, we had two,” Stoops said. “Theirs was to Iowa, right? Ours were to Notre Dame and K-State. And they’re ranked ahead of us – well, they got the bid to the BCS bowl ahead of us.”"

Even if Stoops has an argument, Texas A&M crushing the Sooners 41-13 in the Cotton Bowl undermines it. The irony is the BCS is so rigged to take an underwhelming larger program such as Oklahoma it had to insert the rule that forced a bowl to select Northern Illinois.

[Photo via USA Today Sports]