Bob Stoops Had Some Strong Words For the SEC

By Ty Duffy

Bob Stoops has never been one to stifle his opinions. Though, after closing the season with a season-altering beatdown of Alabama, he’s entering 2014 with a bit more zip on his fastball. He was in Bristol today for a Big 12 media car-washing. He came after the SEC on multiple fronts.

The Sooners coach ridiculed Texas A&M’s Texas-free non-conference schedule.

He challenged the notion Alabama lost the Sugar Bowl because they didn’t want to play in a consolation game.

He also got in a barb at the SEC-led efforts to impose a 10-second snap rule.

There’s no Stoops quite like “Chuffed Imperious Stoops.” Enjoy the ride, until it ends in an embarrassing loss in Lubbock.