Bob Brenly Encouraged the Diamondbacks to Throw at the Padres After Giving up Six Home Runs

Madison Bumgarner, Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres
Madison Bumgarner, Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres / Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Arizona Diamondbacks pitchers surrendered six home runs in the first three innings against the San Diego Padres on Sunday. With the Padres up big and launching balls out of Petco Park left and right, D-backs TV commentator Bob Brenly had enough and let his moronic ideals of baseball flow out of the clenched sphincter he calls a mouth. Brenly essentially said Arizona's pitchers should start throwing at San Diego's hitters.

Brenly started his statement with, "I'm not advocating this at all." He went on to say no team he ever played on would allow six home runs in three innings and not put an opposing batter "on their back in that batters box." It's obvious from his tone that he was saying back in his day things were better because of that.

When play-by-play man Steve Berthiaume pointed out that you can't just start knocking guys down, Brenly said, "Oh yeah you can."


Brenly is the worst.

I watched the game on Sunday and Arizona's pitchers were throwing batting practice-level stuff, so of course it was getting crushed. Brenly is essentially saying they should risk injuring an opponent to send some kind of message about crushing pitches that come in looking like beach balls. Hey here's another idea for the Diamondbacks: pitch better.

Brenly is one of those old, hardass, unwritten rules guys who make baseball unbearable to watch. His "back in my day" shtick is tired and there's a reason the MLB has evolved away from the things he holds sacred.

He's an ass, he's always been an ass and on Sunday we had that confirmed yet again.