Bo Ryan is Angry Jarrod Uthoff is Transferring, So He's Blocking as Many Suitors as Possible

By Jason McIntyre

He picked Wisconsin. Bo Ryan redshirted him. [UPDATE: Uthoff chose to redshirt.]

And now Uthoff has decided he wants to transfer. And Bo Ryan is so pissed about it, he’s blocking Uthoff from going to the schools outside of the Big Ten – like Virginia and Iowa State – that covet him. Ryan even blocked Marquette because it’s regional, and the entire ACC. All told, Ryan has blocked Uthoff from going to 25 schools.

Where’s the outrage? Football coaches – Charlie Weis comes to mind – are regularly slammed for blocking kids from transferring to a school they want to. Ryan, though, is loved by a small contingent of the stat-loving basketball media, so he’ll probably get a pass for this. What are the odds any of the big ESPN college hoops names – looking at you, Katz, Vitale, Bilas – take Ryan to task for this? [UPDATE: Bilas have been vocal on twitter, nothing from Vitale, and Katz is on vacation.]

Probably nobody, which is ashamed, because it’s a dick move by Ryan. I won’t hold my breath for the NCAA to step in and tell Ryan to STFU and let the kid go to any non-Big Ten school he wants to attend. [Metro Sports Report via Dauster]