Bo Jackson Used to Ride His Harley Into The Big A, Park It By the Dugout


Bo Jackson joined Royals television announcer Rex Hudler on the The Drive on 610 Sports in KC yesterday for 50 minutes of stories. (The full audio is here) The two were teammates with the Angels for the 1994 season, Bo Jackson’s last as a professional baseball player.

They talked about the first time they met, naked, in the showers. There was a story about trying to flick pumpkin seeds the furthest, and Bo Jackson hit the pitcher in the ass. There was the time Hudler had to go get Bo Jackson from the clubhouse during a game, to tell him to get to the field, and Bo was trying to talk on the phone and get a relative out of jail.

Hudler also told about heading to the stadium one afternoon, seeing a man (“he’s got huge arms”) on a Harley with a skull cap, and then noticing that it was Bo Jackson.

He just drove through the right outfield gate, parked his Harley by the dugout, and walked into the clubhouse to get dressed.

"“Rex, I had a special clause in my contract that Gene Autry gave me. And it was that you needed to find the shortest distance from your vehicle to the clubhouse, so parking my motorcycle by the clubhouse, by the dugout, then walking in to the clubhouse, the walk, it only took about a minute. You’ve got to know a guy that knows a guy, to have those kind of perks, Rex.”"

Bo had the injured hip at the time, so of course, special perks might have been necessary to keep him on the field.

In looking over that 1994 Angels roster, by the way, that had to be one of the most interesting “bad” teams in a while. Not only did it have Bo Jackson and Rex Hudler, but there were veterans Chili Davis and current FOX analyst Harold Reynolds, a young Jim Edmonds, Tawny Kitaen’s husband (Chuck Finley), Tim Salmon, J.T. Snow, and the now infamous Chad Curtis.

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