The Miami Heat Need to Acquire Blake Griffin So We Can Hear Eric Reid Call His Games

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Blake Griffin and the Detroit Pistons agreed to a buyout yesterday, signaling the end of a precipitous deterioration of vibes in the Motor City which saw the forward go from one of the most complete players in the league to a shell of his former self.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported the short list of likely suitors for Griffin's services. The shared consensus among league insiders right now is that the Nets are leaders in the clubhouse, even though there's a real argument to be made that Griffin doesn't solve any of their most pressing issues. And while Brooklyn may be the most realistic landing place, it is certainly not the most entertaining.

That honor belongs to the most cultured team in all of sports, the steadily climbing Miami Heat.

Why? Because then we would get to see how play-by-play announcer Eric Reid would handle having Griffin in-house. Here's Reid back in January absolutely crushing the then-Piston at every opportunity and from every angle.

Stop it! Stop it! That man may not have a family but he does have a bright future as a comedic actor.

Reid has grown increasingly comfortable over the years as being noticeably homerific so listening to him pull a 180 on Griffin would provide maximum entertainment. So too would a decision to continue piling on a new member of the squad for play deemed inadequate.

At a certain point, we're all just rooting for content. No shame in that.