Blake Bortles is Not an NFL Starter: More Pick-Sixes (11) in His Career Than Wins (10)


Blake Bortles was the surprise #3 pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2014 NFL draft. Some pundits at Teddy Bridgewater (taken 32nd) as the best QB in the draft; others favored Johnny Manziel (drafted 22nd). Nobody had Derek Carr (taken 36th) as the best QB, but here we are, late in the 3rd season of the quartet of QBs, and it’s clear the Raiders QB is clearly the best.

Manziel is out of the NFL; Bridgewater had a good season, but suffered a gruesome injury that will have him miss this season, and Bortles has … been terrible. Again.

Bortles was a disaster against the Broncos at home today, fumbling in a big spot and throwing two interceptions, including this historic pick-six:

In perhaps the most staggering stat of any QB from the 2014 draft, Bortles now has more pick-sixes in his career (11) than wins (10).

The Jaguars are 2-10 and will almost certainly have another Top 5 pick. Will they use it on a QB now that three years in, Bortles is clearly not the answer? Or will Jacksonville keep him and head coach Gus Bradley for another season? The defense continues to play above average, but Bortles ruins it all.