BJ Hill Had a Blast Trying to Take On Entire Colts Offensive Line By Himself


The Cincinnati Bengals don't have much hope for another shot at a Super Bowl appearance this year after Joe Burrow hurt his wrist. Backup QB Jake Browning has been pleasantly competent, however, which means Cincy still has an outside shot at qualifying for the playoffs. They took a big step towards that goal with Sunday's thorough defeat of the Indianapolis Colts.

The Bengals' defense played a large role in the win, holding Gardner Minshew and Co. to only 14 points on the day. Not the most impressive accomplishment against this particular Colts offense but it's the national football league. It's tough to stop anybody out there. The defense also gave football fans a delightful mic'd up highlight.

Defensive tackle BJ Hill was mic'd for the game and at one point was literally the only down lineman rushing the quarterback. An unusual but not unheard-of instance, Hill knew what was about to happen and had some fun with it.

Love that he tried to pull the "I'm just joking around" and then go full speed move. A classic sly tactic that those of us less athletically gifted know well. And then a simple plea of "let me get through" to finish it off.

This makes me feel like there's missed opportunities abound in regards to not miking up linemen. Usually quarterbacks and receivers get that honor because they tend to be the loudest personalities. In regards to quarterbacks the lack of down-to-down contact also helps ensure the mic stays put and doesn't break, which makes sense. But the stuff said in the trenches is where it's at. That's where the game is won, after all.

Give me some good old-fashioned trash talk between the big boys in the middle of it all. That's where the fun is.