Billy Donovan to Indiana Rumors Heat Up With Private Jet Tracking, Welcome to 2017


The Billy Donovan to Indiana rumors refuse to die. Some Hoosier fans have gone nuts over rumored sightings of the Oklahoma City Thunder coach near campus, while others have been furiously tracking flights in and out of Monroe County airport near campus.

Well, things went a bit nuts on Friday when someone noticed the following flight pattern for a private jet:

That’s a Cessna 750 Citation private jet going from Oklahoma City to Chicago, then heading from Chicago to Bloomington, home of Indiana’s campus. The first flight left OKC’s Will Rogers World Airport at 5:05 p.m. CDT, arrived in Chicago at 6:32 p.m CDT, then left Chicago at 8:24 p.m. CDT and arrived at Monroe County airport at 9:56 p.m. EDT.

I want to be clear, we have no information that suggests Billy Donovan, someone related to him, or anyone who has ever even spoken to Billy Donovan was on that flight. Heck, there could be 10,000 reasons why a jet from Oklahoma City flew to Chicago, then went to Bloomington’s local airport on a night the Thunder just happened to not have a game.

Indiana fans are pretty darn excited about this potential development but, again, we don’t have any information that suggests Donovan was in Bloomington…or that he was in Oklahoma City.

So yeah, there might be nothing here. Or maybe something big. But it’s probably nothing…or something.