Buffalo Bills Giving Takeo Spikes an Obstructed View Is the Ultimate Tribute


Takeo Spikes was invited to come pump the crowd and watch the Buffalo Bills-Las Vegas Raiders game from a suite at Highmark Stadium yesterday, which is a nice reward for four years of service. The linebacker was not thrilled with the accommodations, though, and put the team on blast via X, showing a picture of his obstructed view. A situation so unacceptable he simply had to leave.

The Bills rolled, 38-10, so Spikes didn't miss much drama.

What we have here is a classic example of two parties standing steadfast on their principles. Spikes apparently won't watch a game without unencumbered access to a high punt's path and the Bills aren't going to bend over backwards for anyone, even a former star. And on both points you have to respect the stance.

Spikes thought the red carpet was being rolled out but it was more of a shoddy, patchy number you'd find in a college house. The Bills want to reserve great vision for their maniac fans wearing Zubaz and always on call to take a day off work to come shovel snow out of the seats. Kind of charming, really.