Josh Allen's Face After Bills' Game-Losing Penalty Sums Up Their Season So Far

Josh Allen
Josh Allen / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

Last night the Buffalo Bills managed to lose in their most impressive way yet. Up by one point with seconds remaining, Sean McDermott used his timeouts in such a way that the Denver Broncos had to rush their field goal unit onto the field for the game-winning attempt. It worked to perfection as Will Lutz's 41-yard attempt went wide of the upright and it looked like Buffalo would escape with a win. You know what happened next, though. The Bills had 12 men on the field for the field goal, the simplest mental error a team can make, and Lutz got to try again from five yards closer in a far calmer environment. He made it. Bills lose.

The ESPN cameras flashed to Josh Allen after the penalty and his reaction really summed up how the Bills' season has gone to this point.

It's pretty hard to believe at this point. The Bills have made a habit of making things so much harder for themselves than necessary over the last two years but this season in particular feels like they've taken that idea to its extreme. The game last night was just the latest, and perhaps worst, example of that. The turnovers, the dumb penalties leading up to this moment, culminating in the dumbest penalty possible to lose a game.

Words can't really describe how bad this defeat was, too. At home against a Broncos team that has been on its heels all season long. The loss drops the Bills to 5-5 and it's fair to wonder if they'll even be able to make the playoffs. Sure, the injury bug has hit the team particularly hard this season but this is the third or fourth game Buffalo could have and should have won. Instead they lose by out-panicking a panicked team on the final play of the game.

You can see it all in Allen's face, as well as the dark reflection of the terrible turnovers he had. Things are bad in Buffalo right now,.