Jump on the Josh Allen For MVP Motorcade

Josh Allen for MVP.
Josh Allen for MVP. / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The MVP hype train left the station early for several elite NFL quarterbacks already. But while Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers and Kyler Murray have all gotten the recognition they deserve for their outstanding play so far this season, there's another quarterback shining in relative obscurity who's earned, at least, a hype motorcade.

It's time we discuss Josh Allen's MVP case, which is absurd considering we're only two games into the 2020 NFL season. But if other people on this site are going to do it for Wilson, I'm not going to miss the opportunity to jump on the Allen bandwagon. Not because he's been the best player in the NFL this year. In my opinion, you have to give that honor to Wilson as it stands. This is about giving a player who has put up elite stats and led his team to two wins his due when all the other top players are getting theirs.

So far this season, Allen leads the NFL in passing yards (727), is second in passing touchdowns (6) and QBR (89.7), and hasn't thrown an interception. He's fourth among quarterbacks in rushing yards (75), has led the Bills to a 2-0 record, and has the truck-stick run of the year, which we all know plays a role in MVP voting.

Sure, Wilson has more passing TDs (9) and is No. 1 in completion percentage (82.5 percent, no I'm not kidding). But I don't remember seeing him run through two grown men paid money to tackle weakling quarterbacks like Allen did there.

Semantics aside, Allen has transformed his game in one season, not relying on his legs as much and becoming a more accurate thrower, especially on deep balls. So far this year, he's 15-of-21 throwing the ball 15-plus yards downfield, accounting for 380 yards and three TDs. Overall, Allen's accuracy has improved nearly 12 percentage points this season, going from a 58.5 percent completion percentage in to 70.4 percent.

Because I'm an objective journalist, I do have an obligation to point out the fact that the Bills have played the Jets and Dolphins so far this season, arguably the two worst teams in the NFL. Allen's toughest competition is still upcoming, with four currently-undefeated opponents (Rams, Raiders, Titans, Chiefs) coming up the next four weeks. Allen also still has to face the Patriots twice this year, and they have been the biggest foil in his career thus far. Some might say that's a detriment. I would say it's an opportunity for Allen to prove this two-game sample isn't an aberration. It's the new norm.

What Allen does over the next 14 games will ultimately dictate his place in the MVP race. The same could be said about the other quarterbacks on this list, who likewise face a long climb to the top of the NFL offers. However, if people are going to say Jackson looks better than he did last year when he won the MVP, or point out Rodgers is on pace for his best season ever, or say Murray is Lamar Jackson 2.0, we also need to give Allen credit too. He's in the conversation for MVP as much as any other player in the league, even if people aren't shouting it from every rooftop in America.