Bill Walton and Joe Lunardi: ESPN's Best Rivalry, Best Friends, or Both?

Bill Walton in 2020.
Bill Walton in 2020. / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Bill Walton and Joe Lunardi are ESPN's best rivalry. The face of the network's PAC-12 coverage and their premier bracketologist have a feud that goes back a few years which mainly centers around Walton's belief that every PAC-12 team should be in the NCAA tournament. The two squared off again during Thursday's Washington-Arizona State game with Walton calling Lunardi a "troll."

Just last week, Walton accused Lunardi of not watching the PAC-12 becuase he doesn't stay up late enough or know how to work a DVR.

The tweet pinned to the top of Lunardi's Twitter is a video of Walton insulting him.

Here's Walton in 2018.

And here's Walton in 2017 extolling the virtues of PAC-12 country that Lundardi could never understand or appreciate.

It's unclear just how long ago this rivalry began, but there is a message board post from 2015 that mentions Walton needling Lundardi until he got defensive and sounded annoyed. So what's more likely? Walton, one of the most lovable personalities in basketball history, holding a years-long public grudge or having fun fighting for the conference he loves? You be the judge. Just don't ask Lunardi because it sounds like that guy doesn't know what he's talking about.