Bill Simmons: Tom Brady Should've Become a Senior Editor for the Players Tribune Yesterday


Bill Simmons was a guest on Dan LeBatard’s show on ESPN Radio this afternoon (link is rewindable at press time), and, as you can imagine, Ballghazi was the topic of conversation. After Simmons spent the first segment wondering aloud why Belichick seemingly threw Tom Brady under the bus — he has previously speculated that reworking Brady’s contract might mean a split from the Patriots could happen sooner than most people realize — and criticized how the Patriots handled everything yesterday, LeBatard asked what could’ve been done differently. Simmons answered (audio above):

Simmons (who released a whole podcast on the subject this afternoon) was saying that tongue-in-cheek, a reference to journalistically unqualified athletes with that title like Russell Wilson and Danica Patrick. As LeBatard pointed out, that strategy wouldn’t have been received so well either. It’s hard to figure out what the best course of action is for the Patriots at this point, other than to stonewall it until after the Super Bowl and hope the league does not find a smoking gun.

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