Bill Simmons: "The one thing that's not a problem for us is money"

By Stephen Douglas

Bill Simmons did an interview with Recode where he talked about stuff, but all that really matters is that things are going really f-ing great. Via Recode:

" The Ringer, his sports+pop culture website and podcast network, is still finding its footing. But Simmons says it is already making money — enough to support a staff of 65 full-time employees. Really? “F-ck yeah,” says Simmons, slouched comfortably on a couch in his office/podcast studio. “The one thing that’s not a problem for us is money.” "

‘Mo money, no problems. If that, in 2017, while people care less about sports, doesn’t ensure Simmons’ status as a regular fan, what will? We called B.S. on B.S. being an underdog months ago and that was before he officially told the world he ran a year-old company with 65 employees with no money problems. I guess that’s why I believe that millionaires should pay for their own f–king podcast studios.