Bill Simmons Mocked For Being Wrong About the Suns Hiring Kevin Young


What's the opposite of a victory lap? Because that's what Bill Simmons is doing on Friday. For weeks, Simmons loudly proclaimed he had inside information that the Phoenix Suns were going to hire current assistant Kevin Young. He was 100 percent sure, all the Nick Nurse/Doc Rivers/Frank Vogel talk was just a smokescreen, the job was Young's. Yeah, about that.

On Friday, the Suns hired former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel. The franchise wanted him so badly it handed him a massive five-year, $31 million contract. Simmons sheepishly took to Twitter to accept his "L" but with a twist.

So, you see, guys, he was actually right ... until he was wrong.

Here's the problem: Simmons didn't just say it might happen, that the Suns were considering Kevin Young or that he was the frontrunner. He said, unequivocally, that Young would be the team's next head coach.

Here's a clip:

Then he doubled down on it, calling rumors of Nick Nurse being pursued by the Suns "erroneous reporting":

The Internet was quick to mock Simmons:

So who was really doing the "erroneous reporting"?

Sorry, Bill. Check your sources. Leave the NBA insider-ing to the actual NBA insiders.