Bill Simmons Did an Impression of Mike Francesa's Rant on Michael Kay


In our ever-growing quest to cover Bill Simmons’ every move, it’s time to talk about his Mike Francesa impression. Bill has long professed his avowed love for Mike and the Mad Dog. He did a five-hour running diary of their show before the marriage dissolved, and it remains a fun read in retrospect. Simmons also once hosted Mad Dog on the B.S. Report.

Mike and the Mad Dog impressions are a staple of Simmons’ podcasts with Cousin Sal and Jack-O, and events of the past week (our site’s Mike Cardillo provided context of Mike Francesa’s long-standing feud-ish with Michael Kay) presented an opportunity to give it a go. At the 28-minute mark, Simmons alternated between a transcript of Francesa’s rant and a slight extrapolation based on his own interpretation of the events. For someone who purports to be ignorant of criticism from folks who ahen’t in his reah-view mirr-ah, Mike always tends to have a pointed response.

At the end of it, Cousin Sal proposed a six-man tag match of himself, Simmons, and Francesa versus the three Mikes — Kay, Golic, and Greenberg. (Last week’s dust-up had been alluded to earlier in the podcast (21:30-mark) when Simmons mentioned Mike Wilbon’s string of Everyone-Must-Go tweets during Sunday Night Football, quipping, “And he’s not usually one of those guys who chases headlines, if you get my drift.”)

Anyways, the Francesa discussion was only temporarily over. Around the 46-minute mark, Simmons called up Jack-O, and the sports talk radio talk re-commenced. Simmons badly wants Mike and the Mad Dog to get back together, but Jack-O revealed that he’d heard on the radio that Francesa hadn’t congratulated Dog on his beloved Giants’ recent World Series victory. Talk eventually turned to A-Rod, and that’s where we’ll stop because despite the traffic meter consistently saying otherwise, everyone tells us they’re sick and tired of hearing about A-Rod.

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