Bill Simmons Apologized To Adrian Wojnarowski On His Podcast


Bill Simmons has owned up to his mistake, and good for him. The man formerly known as “The Sports Guy” took to his podcast this week and apologized to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski for ever questioning his reporting powers.

As we posted earlier in the week, back in February Simmons and frequent guest Joe House, took to the airwaves and blasted a report from Wojnarowski’s site The Vertical. The report claimed the Golden State Warriors were preparing to make a run at Kevin Durantin free agency. Simmons tore the piece apart, claiming there was no way the Warriors were looking that far ahead or even considering a future with Durant. How’d that turn out?

It wasn’t that Simmons was wrong, it was the way he went after The Vertical and Wojnarowski’s work as if it was just cheap clickbait. I don’t mind people getting predictions wrong, that’s the nature of this business. I do mind when guys impugn the work of well-established reporters doing well-sourced work. Wojnarowski might be the most reliable reporter in sports right now, so attacking his stuff is never going to end well.

But, Simmons owned up to his mistake on Thursday, and good for him. Here’s what he and House had to say towards the end of the podcast:

"Simmons: “Shout out to The Vertical.” House: “Shout out to Woj!” Simmons: “Yeah, he just smacked us retroactively. We didn’t believe his report. I didn’t believe it. I genuinely just didn’t believe it. I didn’t think the Warriors were talking about that in February. I’ve learned not to doubt Woj. I should have known that already, Woj is an assassin. House: “He’s an assassin. He’s one of the greats.” Simmons: “We’re never doubting Woj again. Shout out to Woj, shout out to The Vertical.”"

Good on Simmons for owning it and not making excuses. He was wrong and he admits it.