Bill Simmons and The Ringer Are Moving to Vox


Bill Simmons is taking The Ringer to a whole new server. It was announced this morning that The Ringer would be moving from Medium to Vox Media servers where it will share real estate with sites like SB Nation, The Verge, and Recode. The latter is where Simmons has been known to pop in for an interview now and then to explain that money is no f-ing problem. Simmons will maintain ownership of the site, but Vox will sell ads and share revenue. Here’s Simmons statement via the New York Times:

"“This partnership allows us to remain independent while leveraging two of the things that Vox Media is great at: sales and technology. We want to devote the next couple of years to creating quality content, innovating as much as we can, building our brand and growing The Ringer as a multimedia business.”"

Create content. Innovate. Build brand. Multimedia. Jargon. One little thing. Make it Boston.