Bill Belichick a Great Admirer of Taylor Swift's Grit

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

We've reached a bit of a sweet spot in the preseason in regards to how Bill Belichick is willing to answer media questions. The first few weeks of training camp Belichick is as grumpy as he is all season, his back-to-football mood darkened by the fact that he has to answer questions from reporters. In the final days of camp he'll button up as he prepares to go full curmudgeon once the New England Patriots start playing meaningful games. But right now we're far enough out from regular-season football that Belichick doesn't feel like he has to pretend to guard state secrets in media sessions and his love for football has mostly overridden his distaste for such media sessions.

So he did not just hang up the phone when he went on Boston sports radio and the topic of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour came up. Not only that, but he even admitted he caught some of the show she performed in the rain and complimented the pop superstar for her toughness and sticking it out in inclement conditions.

So I am pretty sure Belichick means he saw clips of the show in question or whatever but it would be much funnier if he was stalking around the bowels of Gillette Stadium in July and popped his head out to catch some of the performance. Swift was in Foxborough right around when rookie minicamp was happening so he was definitely in town and we all know the head coach never stops grinding tape. In fact it would not come as a surprise if he was buried so deep in special teams footage that he barely clocked Swift was going onstage until the noise really got going.

No surprise that he enjoyed it, though. There are few things Belichick appreciates more than coming through in suboptimal conditions. And Swifties will be the first to tell you that her rain shows are among the best you could possibly attend. Bill Belichick knows his Taylor Swift.