Bill Belichick Wears Sweatshirt From Tom Brady Era to Patriots Press Conference

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Perhaps Bill Belichick was feeling nostalgic today. Or maybe he's highly superstitious. Either way, he's clearly not the type of person who just throws away old clothes, especially those possibly touched by Tom Brady.

Belichick appeared at a New England Patriots video press conference today wearing a cutoff sweatshirt that looks like it's from the Pats' first Super Bowl run. It has holes around the entire neckline, and let's just say Brady wouldn't be impressed if the two were set up on a blind date today. Not with that U-neck, wrinkled shirt.

The best thing about this is Belichick has an endless supply of brand new, free Patriots sweatshirts. Literally there must be hundreds of boxes of gear at his disposal and, instead of going to any of them, he picked up old trusty this morning. Or maybe he slept in it? Or maybe he's never taken this off and just wears it underneath his other clothes. Either way, I can guarantee you this is from the Tom Brady-era in New England.

Here are some of the reactions.

You gotta wonder what fashionista Cam Newton thinks of Bill's gear. Probably would just suggest putting on a bucket hat with an oversized peacock feather in it. That would complete the look.