Bill Belichick's First Press Conference After Antonio Brown Lawsuit Did Not Go Well


Last weekend, the New England Patriots signed Antonio Brown after he was released by the Oakland Raiders following a series of rather concerning events. The Pats decided the chance was worth taking. On Tuesday night, the news dropped that Brown had been accused of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed in Florida.

Today, Bill Belichick spoke to the press for the first time since the news in his usual Wednesday press conference, usually a time to discuss their upcoming opponent. It went about as well as you’d expect:

Yikes. The traditionally tight-lipped Belichick must’ve known what was coming, but seemed to reach the end of his rope by the conclusion. Usually, these press conferences go from 15-20 minutes. This one lasted less than four. The pertinent news appears to be that Brown will be practicing, which could indicate that the team doesn’t plan to cut him based on what they know at the moment.

As Belichick said, the Patriots are taking the situation seriously, and both the team and the NFL have released statements on the matter, alongside Brown’s own from his legal team.