Bill Belichick Messed Up the Final Patriots Drive Multiple Times

Bill Belichick being asked a legitimate question.
Bill Belichick being asked a legitimate question. /

The New England Patriots came up just short against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night. Seattle stopped Cam Newton short of the goal line and held on for a 35-30 win. Many are questioning the final playcall by Bill Belichick, but the Hall of Fame coach says they called what they thought was their best play. It's pretty clear this wasn't the only thing Belichick was wrong about on Sunday.

On the final drive, the Patriots lost 15 seconds when they chose to let the clock run after Julian Edelman was tackled inbounds at the 13 with 0:28 remaining. Instead, they used their final timeout after N'Keal Henry was tackled inbounds at the 1 with 0:03 remaining, leaving them with time to run one play. It's pretty clear they could have run four plays into the end zone from the 13 with nearly half a minute remaining.

So they ran two plays, one of which they thought was their best play, and did not score. Belichick was also asked about the decision to save his final timeout. While Belichick was prepared to rightfully heap praise on Russell Wilson and the Seahawks for being a good team and earning the victory, he was less prepared to point the finger at himself. In retrospect, it's clear they should have called timeout after the first down at the 13, but in real-time, it was definitely one of those situations where fans are wondering why the Pats weren't calling an immediate timeout as time ticked away. Here's Belichick, perhaps for the first time, realizing he was the one to make a mistake.

It's pretty funny to watch. It really looks like that's the first time he had considered the fact that he blew that specific opportunity. Look at the pain in his face. Coupled with his disdain for the press, it must make it really sting. Who knows if he will address this situation this week before attention turns completely to the Patriots next game or he will "We're on to Cincinnati" this.