Bill Belichick Disappointed to Hear that the NFL Can't Afford a Few Cameras

By Jason Lisk

I love Bill Belichick when he brings the sarcasm. The New England Patriots put forth a proposal to have fixed cameras along all boundary lines to help with reviews. In an interview with Newsday, Giants owner John Mara shot down the possibility of those cameras. “Mara cited cost and inconsistent configurations of different stadiums.”

I know what you are thinking, a league that can afford to pay Roger Goodell however many millions he is getting paid to get beat up in the press can’t afford some cameras? Yes, that’s right. They have to submit requests to Chicago for free stuff to go there for the draft, then try to shake down some public money from some municipality with the threat of L.A. first.

So Bill Belichick captured the skepticism of everyone with his brand of sarcastic wit.

"“It’s disappointing to hear we can’t afford it as a league,” said Belichick, who would like the fixed cameras to ensure reliable camera angles for replay."

When also asked if he got anything out of the annual meetings, Belichick elaborated with a “No.”