The Bowl Game: Bill Belichick Fought a Land War and Won

Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Damian Lillard and Ben Simmons together. It's an idea just so crazy it might work. * Not sure if he did before, but I bet Manny Diaz believes in Purgatory now. * Zion Williamson's conditioning deserves a weight and see approach. * Seth Rogen currently has the best available podcast and it's not close. His latest involves a hiker telling the story of the time he was briefly eaten alive by a bear. Need we say more? * The Packers placed Jordan Love on the COVID-reserve list. See he's learning a lot there. * Go ahead. Go up against Pizza Hut in a pizzaing contest. It's a battle you're going to lose 9 times out of 10. * Kenneth Walker III and other deserving players not getting the chance to be celebrated in New York City is just a bummer. *

A startup football league should consider playing exclusively in the snow. * The ManningCast is a lot of things. One thing it cannot be is difficult to book. * After the 31st straight Patriots' running play, I came to a realization. They were trying to establish the run. * Okay, but how old is the Geico gecko? * Two options for a kid named Dawson Knox: country music or playing tight end. * Bills kicker Tyler Bass has only left-eye black in his bio picture. Clearly not a scrub. * Would anyone be surprised if we learned Bill Belichick keeps his house at 55 degrees year-round? * Mac Jones threw three passes and still got the win. Nice work if you can get it. * What the hell happened to Josh Allen? * Stephen Curry isn't ruling out hitting 16 threes in his next game to break Ray Allen's career record. At this point, would anyone bet against him making 17? * One could make the argument that the NBA has been Curry's league, and not LeBron's, since 2015. * Did you see the ratings Golden State is drawing? It's safe to say that they are officially back. *

Nikola Jokic has collected as many career triple-doubles as Larry Bird. He's 26. * Was too young for Wayne Gretzky's prime but have to imagine it was a lot like Connor McDavid's prime. * Logan Ryan offered to be the New York Giants' emergency quarterback and claimed he could throw ugly passes like Tua Tagovailoa. The Tua Tagovailoa who just torched the Giants. For whom Ryan plays defense. * Shiv Roy: appropriately named. * Skip Bayless tweeted that rookie Tom Brady would have owned last night's game. Who cares? * Kayvon Thibodeaux will skip Oregon's bowl game. Also skipping Oregon's bowl game: Mario Cristobal. *

Just when you think you couldn't love Dick Vitale any more, a new day dawns. * Made it halfway through Mad Men's first season. This Peggy Olson is going places. * Sean McDermott had the temerity to suggest Bill Belichick would get too much credit for his Stone Age gameplan. That might be the last we ever see of him. * How To With John Wilson will always get weirder. * Cincinnati beating Alabama and then either Michigan or Georgia would be a greater Cinderella story than anything that's happened during March Madness. * Buck Showalter is in the running to become next manager of the New York Mets. No-brainer. * Tuukka Rask practiced with the Boston Bruins. File that one under things you love to see. * Not sure what it means, but Belichick always looks damp. One of our wettest coaches, from the standpoint of water.