Is This Video of Bigfoot Legit?


Passengers on a train traveling through Colorado either captured the best video ever of Bigfoot or saw a guy wearing a Bigfoot costume lumbering around and squatting. One of those options is decidedly cooler than the other, but the other is probably more realistic. Either way, the internet is loving it as the clip racks up the views and aggregators snap into beast mode to pump out the latest Bigfoot content.

Of course there's a third possibility — that this is some sort of marketing stunt for beef jerky or car insurance or something else that's super lame.

Colorado has been a bit of a hotbed for Bigfoot sightings in recent years, but Bigfoot just isn't as big of a cultural force as it was when the bloggers of The Big Lead were growing up. Harry and the Hendersons did tremendous work for the brand but then everyone had access to every fact ever recorded in history in their pocket and a hairy beast just didn't rate.

For the record, it would be pretty surprising if Bigfoot's body looked this much like loose sleeves and pants but anything's on the table. Let's find this son of a gun once and for all. Or perhaps we already did.