Brett McMurphy Tweets Insane New Big Ten Kickoff Rule That Isn't Real

Michigan v Ohio State.
Michigan v Ohio State. / Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The best thing about this international pandemic is how irrational some ideas are and how many people actually believe them. But while injecting disinfectant into your body to cure coronavirus used to lead the pack, there's a new joke that wins the gold medal.

As with its predecessors, it's not true. No way, no how. But still, it's so insane that people actually believed it, which showcases how crazy of a place we are in as a society.

Respected college football insider Brett McMurphy took to Twitter this morning to report on the Big Ten schedule release as well as a new rule. This rule IS NOT true, but here's what he said.

People believed him.

First of all, Brett, you gotta be more clear with the jokes. Can't just go around tweeting out insane new rules on the same day the Big Ten releases its schedule for the upcoming season. Not in this climate at least.

Secondly, could you imagine if this was real? It would legitimately impact the game. Most teams want the ball to start the second half. If you got that option based on which team was more recently quarantined, I can't even imagine how much anger there would be amongst players, coaches and universities.

Thankfully, Paul Pabst got to the bottom of this and confirmed it was all a joke.

Good one, Brett. You got the whole college football world riled up on a Wednesday morning with a fake idea that never seemed real to begin with. But in these times, even the most outlandish things can be real, which made this idea just dumb enough to be believable.