Big Ten Basketball a Northwestern Win Away From 1-1 Singularity

Kyle Koster
Northwestern Basketball
Northwestern Basketball / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Big Ten was supposed to be top-heavy this year with the best of the conference as good as any other team in the country. Half of that equation has played out early on, as Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, and Maryland all enjoyed time in the top five of the rankings. But the bottom half of the conference has shown to be quite formidable early on, with Penn State beating the Terrapins, Illinois rolling the Wolverines, and Minnesota shocking the Buckeyes.

As a result, 12 of the conference's 14 teams are tied with a 1-1 conference record. Only Michigan State at 1-0 and Northwestern at 0-1 are separated from the field. And wouldn't you know it? The Spartans travel to Evanston on Wednesday night. It's the next conference game on the schedule.

A Wildcats' upset would leave everyone knotted at 1-1. As prophecy foretold!

Look, I went to MSU but would be lying if I said I wasn't secretly rooting for this chaos. Like, what will happen? Will it be like the end of Ghostbusters or more like the spicier stuff in Revelations? Will the entire Midwest take to the streets, wander into the nearest Kroger or Meijer and start pillaging? Will some of the East Coast journalists doing their 29th Rust Belt safari be tasked with writing a think-piece about how this phenomenon forecasts the 2020 election?

I don't have the answers. But freaky stuff could be on the horizon should Tom Izzo's team look lost. Please prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally.