Big Baller Brand Hits New Low With Clearance Sale at Local Gym


Big Baller Brand has been spiraling downward for the better part of forever. They came out selling $500 shoes that fell apart, and soon enough the entire empire (ahem, small, struggling business) LaVar Ball built crumbled around him.

Partial Big Baller Brand owner Alan Foster is being sued by Lonzo Ball for reportedly stealing $1.5 million from him. Lonzo has also reportedly cut ties with BBB altogether. Now, with the company seemingly flatlining, they’re trying to get rid of the surplus by selling the apparel at a ridiculous discount.

Hey, this beats paying for storage. And who among us wouldn’t shell out $5 for a relic sure to age better than fine wine? Imagine the jokes five years from now.

Of course, this whole thing is slightly sad. Lonzo could have signed with Nike or Addidas or any major label after college. Instead, his dad got him to go on a fruitless search for brand relevance, which ended in this local gym, where you can buy plenty of BBB gear for the cost of a meal at McDonald’s.