Big Baby Davis Played in The Crew League in a Very, Very Tight Uniform

Big, Big Baby Davis at The Crew League.
Big, Big Baby Davis at The Crew League. /

There is a video making the rounds right now that shows Glen "Big Baby" Davis playing basketball in a very small outfit. It is mesmerizing. I've watched it a dozen times and just have so many questions.

The main question, of course, is huh?

Where is this? Where are all the masks? Why are those clothes so small when Big Baby is so... large?

After a bit of research I have learned that this video is from a game in The Crew League. It's a 4-on-4, full court basketball tournament consisting of hip-hop artists and their crews. Apparently, Big Baby counts as part of someone's crew. I guess when $100K (for charity) is on the line you start hanging out with as many former NBA players as you can.

As for his fit... This has to be a choice. It looks like he's wearing boxer briefs and a halter top. You have to be comfortable in your own skin to pull that look off in a crowded gym.

And speaking of the crowded gym, what's the deal with The Crew League COVID protocols? Best not to consider it I guess. Instead, here's another angle which Davis posted on his Instagram with the caption, "THE THREADS CAN'T HOLD ME."

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THE THREADS CAN’T HOLD ME! ? @thecrewleague

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Maybe unsurprisingly, the team that featured Davis won the tournament. Big Baby was a member of the Firefighters, a team captained by Swae Lee. So congratulations to everyone involved, but especially whoever was in charge of handing out uniforms.