Who is the Best NFL WR Duo Ever? Cris Carter Says It's Him and Randy Moss

1998 NFC Divisional Playoff Game - Arizona Cardinals vs Minnesota Vikings - January 10, 1999
1998 NFC Divisional Playoff Game - Arizona Cardinals vs Minnesota Vikings - January 10, 1999 / Mark Brettingen/Getty Images

Isaac Bruce will soon be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In a recent interview, Bruce said that he and Torry Holt were the best duo of wide receivers in the history of the NFL, saying, "numbers don't lie." When asked specifically about Randy Moss and Cris Carter, Bruce used the Rams' 2000 Super Bowl victory as the proof he and Holt are superior. Carter appeared on Good Morning Football on Tuesday and offered a rather exhaustive rebuttal.

Carter basically showed up with a rough draft of a post for a Vikings fan blog and a tab open to Pro Football Reference. He was not having it. Unfortunately, it's a lot closer than Carter wants to believe.

Carter and Moss played 452 games combined in their careers. Bruce and Holt played 396. Total touchdowns is literally the only category where Carter and Moss (286 to 165) have a big statistical advantage. Carter and Moss had 2,083 catches for 29,181 yards while Holt and Burce had 1,944 catches for 28,590 yards. So do you prefer the ring or the nine-plus minute highlight video of Randy Moss' 40-plus yard touchdowns?

And if you really want to mess with someone like Carter, simply point out that if you combine John Taylor (three Super Bowls) with Jerry Rice you get some equally impressive numbers (1,896 catches, 28,483 yards, 240 touchdowns in 424 games). Or if you really want to upset someone, point out Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison combined for 2,172 catches, 28,925 yards and 210 touchdowns in 401 games and also have a ring.

So who is the best duo in NFL history? Whoever is making the case at that moment, probably.