Best NBA Free Agents Available After Day 1 of Free Agency

DeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozan / Justin Ford/Getty Images

NBA free agency opened up at 6 p.m. on Monday night, less than a week after the NBA Draft. There were a lot of moves made. Some were obvious wins and clear-cut for both player and team, while others... not so much.

Most of the big names are off the board after Day 1 of free agency. Here's your primer for Day 2 and who the best players remaining are. There are plenty of familiar names. Below you'll find the best remaining NBA free agents (ranked in no particular order).

Best NBA Free Agents

Kawhi Leonard, SF

The widely-held expectation is that Leonard will re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. The fact that he didn't do so immediately is not a poor omen for the Clips. Because this Los Angeles team can give Leonard more money than anyone else, and because Leonard's one true desire in this world appears to be living in southern California, there's very little doubt they'll come to an agreement. But as of right now, they have not, so Leonard is included on the list.

Spencer Dinwiddie, PG

There's a lot of interest in Dinwiddie (or so suggests the rumor mill) despite the fact that he's coming off a torn ACL. He's likely still a free agent because the Nets are trying to convince him and another team that a sign-and-trade would be in everybody's best interest; the Nets don't have the cap space to sign anyone outright for more than a minimum deal and Dinwiddie can probably earn more money through a S&T, depending on who is in discussions. He's a good scoring point guard (20 PPG in 2019-20) who can start or come off the bench, and those are in high demand these days.

Kelly Oubre Jr., SF

Oubre's stock has fallen through the floor after a brutal season with Golden State where he only shot 31 percent from three and his defense ranged from average to subpar. But he's young at only 24 years-old and has the physical makeup of a three-and-D forward who can defend four positions, so there will be some interest eventually. The price point will probably be the hold-up here. This is Oubre's first shot at a legit payday and he'll want to take advantage of it, but it'll be tough to convince anyone he's worth it right now.

Dennis Schroder, PG

Somewhat similar to Oubre, Schroder entered this year's free agency looking to get paid despite the fact that last season was far from his best and his value is at an all-time low. Schroder doesn't have the advantage of being on the younger side, either, so it's a tough draw for the German guard. Still, he's a bit better than what he showed last year while sharing the ball with LeBron James and Anthony Davis; as previously mentioned, guards who can score at will are in high demand and Schroder has always been good at that. He'll find a home sooner rather than later-- it's the contract details that will define the timeline.

Reggie Jackson, PG

Jackson may have made himself a lot of money with his scorching playoff run with the Clippers after Kawhi went down this postseason, going absolutely berserk and playing a crucial role in propelling Los Angeles further than they should've gone without their superstar. He's commanding a good amount of interest in the open market but the Clippers are likely very interested in keeping him around and need the Kawhi domino to fall before entering into negotiations with their point guard.

Danny Green, SG

Green is still the type of player that every team wants. He can defend at a solid level and hit the three at a good clip. He's reliable and knows how to win with an impressive championship resume. Green is essentially the platonic ideal of a three-and-D wing. Philadelphia will certainly want him back after last year's disappointment, but Green will have plenty of options.

Paul Millsap, F

The days of Millsap's statistical dominance are far in the rearview. But the forward still has something to offer as a good defensive presence who can space the floor a bit and provide a good veteran voice for a locker room. He won't sign for much, but the clock is ticking for Millsap to win the big one and he's a likely candidate to join a contending team as an end-of-the-bench addition.

Avery Bradley, SG

Bradley is getting up there in basketball years but still has the profile of a moderately effective three-and-D guard. His size means he can't shift down to guard forwards, but harassing smaller PGs and SGs has always been Bradley's calling card. He hit 36 percent of this three-point shots in his last "full" season in 2019-20, which is a bit more indicative of his shooting ability than the 32 percent mark he posted in 27 games this past season.