American Cheese Snubbed in 100 Best Cheeses Rankings

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If there is one thing the Internet loves, it is cheese and lists and rankings. The website TasteAtlas combined those three one things and came up with the list of the 100 Best Rated Cheeses in the World. They took the top 50, put them in a graphic with flags next to them and tweeted it out for the Internet to get all up in their cheesy feelings about it.

There is no explaination of how or why or by whom these cheeses are judged, but they appear to be rated up to five. The article says that it was last updated on January 31, so maybe this is a post that is updated regularly. Does anyone know when the cheese polls come out? Perhaps there's an IMDCheese we don't know about? I guess that's not important right now.

What is important is that Italy dominates this list. They have the top four cheeses and eight of the top ten. It's basically the SEC of cheese. The SECheese, if you will. People are furious in the replies of the tweet. Some people think Italian cheeses are overrated and overrepresented. Some people think their favorite cheeses should be higher. Basically, it is the perfect Internet content.

My question is: Where the hell is American cheese? We don't deserve representation on the best cheese list? Everyone reading this probably has some in their refrigerator right now. How many of you can honestly say you've bought Burrata or Bundz in 2023?

Now the snobs will say that American cheese is processed and not even technically a proper cheese. Sure, the FDA classifies it as a "pasteurized processed cheese food," but so what? Process this: American cheese is good. And there are not 100 cheeses I'd rather have in my refrigerator., ready to help with any dish that requires a flat, slab of cheese-like deliciousness.

Does American cheese deserve to be on the list of best cheeses? No, but it should be there anyway. There's nothing more American than that.

Top 10 Grilled Cheese Cheeses

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10. Monterey Jack
9. Fontina
8. Brie
7. Havarti
6. Provolone
5. Gouda
4. American
3. Gruyere
2. Pepper Jack
1. Cheddar