Best Celebrity Softball Game Performances in MLB All-Star Weekend History

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx / Gustavo Caballero/GettyImages

The Celebrity Softball Game has been a fixture of MLB All-Star Weekend for over two decades. The event has changed a lot over the years (the first-ever edition featured teams named after types of coffee because it was in Seattle) but it remains the light-hearted portion of the weekend where fans can tune in to see how good or bad their favorite celebrities are at softball. It is presumably quite satisfying for all the beer league players around the country to see millionaires whiff on a literal softball down the middle.

This year's MLB ASG Weekend will take place in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium from July 15-17. In honor of the event, here are the best Celebrity Softball Game moments of all time.

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JR Smith (2019)

The 2019 All-Star Game took place in Cleveland, Ohio, so naturally JR Smith was invited to participate in the game. He took his shirt off before stepping to the plate for the first time and then hit an inside the park home run, demonstrating incredible awareness on the basepaths. He also hit that home run off Jennie Finch, an Olympic softball player. It was one at-bat, but it was such a good at-bat that JR qualifies.

Nelly (2009)

Nelly was scouted by MLB teams when he was in high school before deciding music was the career he wanted, so maybe it should be no surprise that he absolutely dominated the 2009 affair in his hometown of St. Louis. He won co-MVP on the day along with Bobby Knight by crushing a two-run homer and laying out for a grab in the outfield.

Jennie Finch (Lifetime)

Jennie Finch has played in 10 Celebrity Softball Games since 2005 and managed four more. The Olympic softballer deserves a lifetime achievement award for the many innings she's put into the event and the fact that she took her foot off the gas often enough for everybody else to have fun. Because this is what it looked like when she was going full-speed.

Matt Kinsey (2012)

Matt Kinsey was a Wounded Warrior invited to take part in the 2012 Celebrity Softball Game in Kansas City and the man delivered with the spotlight on him. He earned MVP honors by going three-for-three with one home run and three total RBI to help drive his team to a 14-run victory. A heartwarming moment.