Best Available NBA Free Agents

Allen Crabbe
Allen Crabbe / David Berding/Getty Images

With the NBA set to restart their season on July 30 down in Orlando, there's much to be both excited and very nervous about as a fan. Basketball is back, but coronavirus is not going away and while the league can do everything it can to make players feel safe, testing positive for COVID-19 will be a fear looming over everyone.

Some players, at least, are feeling nervous enough about the whole endeavor that they may choose not to play. Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Thursday that a "growing number" of players who are concerned about going down to Florida to participate in the playoffs.

Wojnarowksi reported on Wednesday that teams can replace any player who doesn't feel comfortable participating with a substitution player. Per Shams Charania, the NBA has decided that any player who has signed a NBA or G-League contract this year or last will be eligible to sign.

NBA Free Agents Playoffs

So, every player in the G-League is eligible, but there are only a certain amount of free agents available for teams to sign. With that in mind, here are the best of the bunch.

NBA Free Agents 2020

J.R. Smith

It comes as a bit of a surprise that Smith isn't already a Laker, given his past experience with LeBron James-led squads. But the last time we saw Smith on the court, he was a disaster. He basically refused to play for a rebuilding Cavaliers team after James went West and was a minus on the court in Cleveland's last championship run with the King. Still, if he can get his three-point shooting back to what it was in 2017 and at least hold his own on defense, his championship pedigree will make him an attractive option.

Jamal Crawford

Like Smith, Crawford was surprisingly unemployed all year, but it makes a little bit more sense. He can still get buckets, no doubt about that, but that's all he can do. Teams will target him over and over again defensively and will succeed just about every time. But unusual times make for strange bedfellows, and Crawford could be good for a few minutes per game as the definition of a spark plug off the bench.

Tyler Johnson

Johnson was waived by the Suns earlier this year after he fell out of the point guard rotation, and he doesn't have a lot to offer at this point in his career despite being only 28-years-old. He shot less than 30 percent from three-point land this year and can't really hold his own defensively. But he is a warm body at point guard with experience running an NBA offense, and could be a good fit for a team with a rim-running center.

Allen Crabbe

Crabbe's reputation as a three-point specialist has taken a hit this year. He shot only 30 percent on three attempts per contest in 37 games this season and was ultimately dropped by the Timberwolves after they acquired him via trade from Atlanta. Still, it was only in 2018 that he shot 37 percent from deep, and someone could take a flier in hopes he regains his touch while everyone else works to do the same after months off the court.

Ryan Broekhoff 

Broekhoff is a lesser-known name than anyone else on this list, but is probably near the top of the list for teams looking to replace wing players. He was the odd man out in Dallas but shot 39 percent from three on a trio of attempts per game. He has a quick release and a gorgeous shot so he, at the very least, looks the part of a deadeye shooter.

Anthony Tolliver

Tolliver is near the end of his career but had his moments this season before he was released by the Memphis Grizzlies. He's a minus defensively but can still shoot the rock when he's feeling it, and some teams might value a veteran presence in the locker room during such a tumultuous time and an unprecedented playoff situation.

Dragan Bender

Bender is somehow only 23-years-old and has not lived up to his No. 4 overall draft selection, to say the least. He can kind of shoot (34 percent from three on 2.7 attempts per game) and kind of pass (1.8 assists vs. 1.3 turnovers a game) but definitely can't rebound or defend in space. But there aren't many serviceable big men available in this pool, and Bender fits that bill if you squint a little.

Trey Burke

Burke was actually having an okay season playing spot backup PG minutes for Philadelphia before he was waived around the trade deadline this year, shooting 46 percent from the field and posting two assists to only 0.5 turnovers in 13 minutes per game. He's too small to hang for very long defensively, but he's similar to Johnson in that he can run an offense and has a better scoring touch than the former Suns guard.