Best and Worst Dressed Players at the NFL Draft


Choosing what to wear on the biggest day of one’s life to this point is not an insignificant decision. Much time and energy goes into selecting clothes for the NFL Draft. Not every draftee hits a home run stylistically. Not all suits are created equal.

Here is a very subjective look at the best and worst looks from last night.


Kyler Murray: This was a pitch-perfect choice for Murray, who has been the center of so much controversy and critique. The pink suit, inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby, has an exaggerated low-cut neckline which says he’ll have fun and not give a damn what people think. The pinstripes say he’ll be a classic, doing it his own way like Sinatra. It takes confidence to wear and pull this off. Murray did both.

Well done, old sport.

Christian Wilkins: When you’re a split-doing, Wet Willie-giving, fun-loving dude, you zig when others zag. The former Clemson star showed up looking like Zach Galifianakis in character and it somehow seemed to fit.

Devin Bush: Easily the most controversial look of the night, but I thought he nailed it. Walking out onto a red carpet wearing something peak Wesley Snipes would have rocked back in the day must be an incredible rush. This black-and-white number is the embodiment of Can’t Tell Me Nothing Culture. It’s also begging for either a guitar or rifle to be strapped in. Bush wisely declined to bring either.

Daniel Jones: There’s nothing particularly interesting about this outfit, which is basically the uniform ABC gives the Bachelor. But there was some incredible strategy here. By transforming himself into the guy who plays Eli Manning in a movie about Eli Manning, Jones played mind games with the Giants fanbase. They’ll look at him and subconsciously remember the good times with Eli a decade ago.

Brian Burns: Now this is how you wear a suit. That slim European cut is just perfection, really accentuating his lean figure. Little pop of color with the socks, too. Honestly, this may take the cake.

Josh Jacobs: Think you can’t mix black and blue? Then say it. SAY IT TO HIS FACE, COWARD. The vest here cuts a nice frame. The shoes are a bit gaudy but not overboard. None of this should work and yet here we are. Plus, the lining of his suit paid homage to his hometown of Tulsa, with a concrete rose embroidery.

Marquise Brown: Hollywood sure lived up to his name here. That necklace and belt buckle combo is straight out of the wardrobe for a bad dude in Better Call Saul. I’d also read a 4,000-word article getting to the bottom of the inspiration here.

Nick Bosa: Hey, did you hear he went to Ohio State? Because he definitely went to Ohio State. The tacky jacket lining did succeed in differentiating him somewhat from someone auditioning for the Book of Mormon, so there’s that.

T.J. Hockenson: The Lions are hoping he becomes the new Rob Gronkowski. On draft night, the Iowa tight end did not dress like a party animal. My man looks like a sophomore headed off to homecoming in 1998. Where is the flair? Where is the joy? Guess he was going for the Grit Coin.

DeAndre Baker: Nothing wrong with the jacket and pants. The shoes, however, appear to be something Kanye West and LaVar Ball collaborated on where they just kept adding elements until it was too late. Absolute shame he didn’t go to Oakland, though. Those look perfect for climbing into the Black Hole.

Noah Fant: What’s the deal with these Iowa tight ends? Fant somehow did worse than Hockenson with a misguided homage to Pee Wee Herman visiting the Playboy Mansion.