Garth Brooks Inadvertently Got Barry Sanders Involved in the 2020 Election

Barry Sanders carried off the field after rushing for 2,000 yards.
Barry Sanders carried off the field after rushing for 2,000 yards. / JEFF KOWALSKY/Getty Images

Garth Brooks preformed at Ford Field last weekend. Brooks wore a Barry Sanders jersey as tribute to the Lions great and fellow Oklahoma State alum. It was standard touring musician fodder which he posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Instagram post in particular was taken very far out of context.

Being an election year, multiple people did some math that Garth never intended to be done.

SANDERS + 20 = "SANDERS '20."

Some people either forgot about Barry or didn't know about Barry and assumed that Brooks was giving Bernie Sanders an endorsement.

It's the perfect storm. If Barry had kept his college number (21) when the Lions drafted him in 1987, this never would have happened. Instead... could this become a thing? I mean, this would actually be a pretty nice little throwback jersey for liberals to wear. It's not like it's easy to find a Jimmy Warren Raiders jersey from the early 70's.

Don't forget there are also plenty of versions of Barry's Pro Bowl jerseys to pick from that are covered in red, white, blue, stars and stripes. At the very least, this should be huge for YouTube views of Barry Sanders highlight videos. It will be hard to stomach for conservatives in NFC North country either way.

UPDATE: Barry Sanders has now gotten involved and may be running for President.