Bernie Kosar Fired By Cleveland Browns a Week After Placing the First Legal Sports Bet in Ohio

Cleveland Browns v Washington Redskins
Cleveland Browns v Washington Redskins / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Bernie Kosar placed the first legal sports bet in Ohio as the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve. Today Kosar was fired by the Cleveland Browns. He announced the news on Twitter saying that he was "informed by the Browns that my services are no longer desired or needed. I will not be doing today's radio program. I am shocked & disappointed."

Mary Kay Cabot of says that the decision was related to Kosar's highly publicized $19,000 on the Browns to beat the Steelers today. According to that article Kosar is a "regular guest on Browns radio programming throughout the season, including scheduled segments on Cleveland Browns Daily and the team’s pregame program shows."

Kosar had discussed the bet on the radio this week, saying he would donate the winnings to charity.

And here's a clip from the local news that mentions Kosar's bet.

NFL team employees are still not allowed to gamble, no matter how entangled the league is with various casinos and sports books. Doesn't make it seem any less silly when someone gets in trouble for a legally placed bet, but those are the rules.