Bengals Lineman Orlando Brown Jr. Yelled 'Jackass' Into the Camera After Touchdown Dance


Joe Mixon scored a touchdown early in the second quarter of the Cincinnati Bengals --Jacksonville Jaguars game on Monday Night Football in Week 13. Mixon was able to keep his legs churning and his knees off the ground as he tied the game and then celebrated with a nice choreographed dance with multiple teammates. And at the end of the celebration, as everyone headed back to the bench, tackle Orlando Brown Jr. shouted "jackass" into the camera.

It is unclear who Brown was calling a jackass, but you really have to wonder if they were watching. You would think if a football player was going to call someone a jackass during a football game, it would be someone who was playing in the game. So maybe Brown was talking to someone at home watching the game. You really hope they weren't in the kitchen making a snack when Brown seized his opportunity.