Ja'Marr Chase: 'I'm Always F--king Open'

Ja'Marr Chase
Ja'Marr Chase /

The Cincinnati Bengals' disappointing season continued today in Tennessee as they fell to the Titans, 27-3. Joe Burrow's calf injury is still clearly hindering his play and the offense's struggles were not helped by the loss of Tee Higgins, who exited halfway through the contest with an injury. Ja'Marr Chase did what he could to cover for Higgins, catching seven passes for 73 yards, but everything we've seen from the team's offense this season is a far cry from the deadly offense that made one Super Bowl and fell just short of another.

After the game reporters spoke to Chase about Burrow's limited mobility. The superstar wide receiver was asked if he feels like he has less time to get open with the offensive game plan leaning so heavily on quick throws to compensate for Burrow's bum calf. Chase then gave the most wide receiver answer of all time: "No. I'm open. I'm always f--king open."

Now this clip is already circulating as proof that Chase is frustrated with how everything is going. It surely will be used to drive a lot of "What's wrong in Cincinnati" topics that will litter tomorrow's studio shows. But it doesn't really seem like he's frustrated to me. He was just answering a question, and in doing so it felt like he was actually defending Burrow more than anything. Whatever the offense might be doing wrong doesn't matter because Chase is always f--king open, is how I read it.

Maybe it'll be the first crack in the relationship between Chase and Burrow. I'd bet not. This is more of a classic quote than a sign of any larger issue.