Shocking Video of a Bengals Fan, While Handcuffed and Arrested, Knocking Out Someone With a Headbutt


The Cincinnati Bengals hosted the Baltimore Ravens for their home opener in Week 2 and it was not pretty. Joe Burrow and the offense failed to get things going and trailed by 10 in the fourth quarter to their division rival. Things were just as chaotic off the field. As you can see from this video one fan, wearing orange Bengal-striped overalls, was arrested. It's unclear what happened before this incident, but there's no way it was as bad as what he did while handcuffed.

Who knows what that guy said to the guy as police were about to take him away, but it was a bad choice of words. The guy in cuffs headbutted him in the face so hard his sunglasses went flying, he slowly stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. Meanwhile, a cop and security guard both put their hands on the offender's throat as he was pushed away, still talking.

Look, fan fights are nothing new and at this point, we've just about seen it all. Sloppy brawls between football fans who have had a few too many seem to happen every weekend and we've been cataloguing them for years at this point because people love to click on them. So to see something as shocking as this is as stunning as it is awful.