Oh Good, We're Already Overanalyzing Ben Simmons' Every Move

Washington Wizards v Philadelphia 76ers - Game One
Washington Wizards v Philadelphia 76ers - Game One / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Ben Simmons returned to practice with the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday after an offseason of turmoil and dissension. And, you guessed it, reporters are already overanalyzing every move he makes and connecting it to a larger picture.

Doc Rivers told Philly's 6ABC Sports' Jamie Apody that Simmons' chemistry with his teammates was getting better every day. But the reporter immediately threw cold water on that with a description of what Simmons looked like during practice. She said, "I can tell you he did NOT put his hand in the team huddle after practice and stayed in the back before immediately exiting the court while others stay out shooting."

Apody reported that nugget to the world on Monday:

OK, so he wasn't enthusiastic in a team huddle and went to the locker room when practice was over? Earth-shattering news.

Look, Simmons may not love being in Philly, and almost certainly still wants out, but can we please not do this? What's next? Reporters becoming amateur body language experts to try and glean intimate details about Simmons and Joel Embiid's relationship?

We all know things are awkward with the Sixers. There's no reason to break things down to a granular level like this.