Ben Rhodes Gives Crazy, Drunken Press Conference After Winning NASCAR Truck Series

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Craftsman 150
NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Craftsman 150 / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

Ben Rhodes won NASCAR's Craftsman Truck Series championship Friday night in thrilling fashion. After the victory, it was time to celebrate, but there was the pesky matter of the post-race press conference. Fortunately for all of us, Rhodes showed up, but only after he was pretty well lubricated. He wound up giving a masterful performance.

Rhodes readily admitted he was "lit" during a 16-minute podium performance the likes of which we've rarely seen. He made goofy noises, often asked reporters to repeat their questions, gave a shoutout to the movie Phenomenon and burped right into the mic on a number of occasions. The man was in rare form, displaying pure joy that can only be displayed by someone who is drunk on the sweet taste of victory ... and champagne ... and Bud Light.

Here's video of Rhodes getting the party started:

Here he is walking in for the presser:

And here is his full press conference:

That is just an all-timer. It's right up there with Ron Artest's presser after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals.

Here's a look at the finish of the race that saw the championship come right down to the wire:

For how close that was, we can understand why Rhodes felt he had to drink so much. A pretty incredible finish. It was the 26-year-old's season truck series title, as he won it in 2021 as well.