"Beast Mode Sausage" is Sausage Stuffed with Skittles, Sounds Disgusting

Kyle Koster

A rapidly approaching Super Bowl combined with merchants’ need to move product leads to an assortment of creations looking to capitalize on the moment. Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who also has two strains of marijuana named after him, is the muse for “Beast Mode Sausage” — a stomach-turning creation cooked up by a Seattle-area butcher shop.

Your assumption is correct: it’s just normal sausage stuffed with Lynch’s favorite candy.

This is the perfect item for every person who has ever wondered why more encased meats don’t feature sugar.

"“The Skittles, instead of being hard when we throw them in there, they break down in the cooking process and give you a really sweet flavor as you bite into it,” said Evan Greco of Blue Max Meats."


Perhaps the most shocking thing about this product is that it debuted before last year’s Super Bowl and has sustained enough public demand to keep it around.

To be fair, it probably sounds pretty good after an ample helping of Beastmode 2.0.


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