Bears Fans Wanted Russell Wilson, Wound Up With Andy Dalton

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The dream of Russell Wilson winding up with the Chicago Bears is officially dead. After weeks of speculation and even reports that Wilson was interested in the city, the Bears went out and signed Andy Dalton on Tuesday, all but ending any chance of Russ ever cooking at Soldier Field. Talk about a letdown for Bears fans.

Adam Schefter reported the Dalton news:

Wow, paying $10 million in base salary and a possible $3 million more for a terrible quarterback is ... certainly a choice.

Schefter also added the following about the chase for Wilson:

Well, they obviously weren't aggressive enough because Seattle genuinely seemed interested in listening to offers. Instead, the Bears are now stuck with a quarterback duo of Dalton and Nick Foles in a season in which head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace need to produce a winner. That ain't good.

Dalton was his usual, below-average self in 2020 as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. He completed 64.9 percent of his passes for 2,169 yards, with 14 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He averaged a dismal 6.5 yards per attempt and posted a quarterback rating of 87.3.

I feel worst for Bears fans. Over the past few months they've been teased with the possibility of a trade for a big-time quarterback. Both Wilson and Deshaun Watson have been mentioned and in the end the team's big quarterback move was signing Dalton off the scrap heap. That's the equivalent of being promised a Lamborghini or Ferrari and instead winding up with a '73 Chevy Vega that was recovered from a lake in rural Georgia.

I'm sorry Bears fans, you have a right to be upset.