The Mitchell Trubisky Revenge Game Was Real and Beautiful

Mitch Trubisky
Mitch Trubisky / Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Mitchell Trubisky was the bane of many a Chicago Bears fan's existence over the last four seasons. He played well in 2018 but every other year was marred with floating incompletions, indecisiveness, and a consistent failure to come up big when it mattered most.

But Chicago's nightmare (and probably Trubisky's, given how much flak he caught by the end) is over. The Bears have a new young hope in Justin Fields and that other guy Andy Dalton. Trubisky is backing up Josh Allen in Buffalo, a very low-pressure situation unless Allen gets hurt and even then the expectations will pale in comparison to what the Bears had in store when they picked the UNC product in 2017.

It's tough to go from the proclaimed face of a franchise to backing up a star QB picked in the span of one offseason as Trubisky did, but there are perks. Like being able to take out four years' worth of frustration out on your former team. As Trubisky did.

The Bills traveled to Chitown to take on the Bears. Allen was held out for precautionary reasons, so the reins were Trubisky's from the start. Chicago's first-string defense played much of the first half while missing only two starters. And Trubisky ripped his former teammates to shreds.

It was glorious. It was beautiful. How can you not be romantic about football?

Here's how the first three possessions went.

Look at these dimes!

The escape artist!

I daresay those two above throws were both better than any that left his hand during the 2020 season with Chicago.

The Haters will say that the game doesn't matter so why should we care and Trubisky won't see a minute of meaningful action all season if everything goes according to plan. I don't care what they have to say. It's not really Trubisky's fault the Bears drafted him ahead of Patrick Mahomes. The man can be cricitized for his flaws as a football player but it became all too easy for Trubisky to become the avatar of all of Chicago's significant quarterbacking issues that have plagued them since Jim McMahon. That isn't fair. So as a neutral party who has zero stake in the game, it's gratifying to see Trubisky take his former team to the cleaners.

By the end of the first half, Trubisky recorded 220 yards through the air and a TD pass, completed 20 of his 28 pass attempts, and led the Bills to 31 points. Not too shabby.