No One Knows How to Process Sam Acho Saying the Bears Are Ready to Win a Super Bowl With Andy Dalton

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Sam Acho signed a multiyear deal with ESPN last month but is delivering the takes of a savvy 10-year pundit who knows how to get a reaction. This morning on Get Up he apparently advocated for Andy Dalton to be the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears this year. Which may happen based on Matt Nagy's very public commitment not to rush the generational talent of Justin Fields. It's not what I've said but not entirely crazy.

What is nuts, though, is pretending that an Dalton-led Bears team could sniff the Lombardi Trophy. Footage of Acho saying that the Midway Monsters are "ready to win a Super Bowl" has yet to find its way onto the internet — and for good reason because some stuff is simply too shocking and irresponsible for consumption — but the show's account helpfully posted Jeff Saturday's reaction to such silliness.

Saturday helpfully ticked through several of the countless reasons Fields gives the Bears more hope to shock the world and win the franchise's first Super Bowl since that 1985 team you never hear about locally. Simply put, Fields is incredibly gifted physically and has proven time and time again to be tough as nails mentally.

On the other hand, Acho points out that Peyton Manning wasn't very good as a rookie. And that Patrick Mahomes didn't play his first year out of Texas Tech. And that Dalton has a higher completion percentage than Alex Smith in his career.

The cumulative effect of this back and forth was the full-on breaking of Jeff Darlington's brain. He endeavored to sit there and not get involved but simply couldn't take it anymore. A very human reaction to the general silliness going on at ESPN's Seaport studios.

It's saying a lot but this is one of those clips that genuinely cause me to wonder what we're all doing in this rat race of sports content. How did we get here? How long is this model sustainable? And what is the point of Andy Dalton and Super Bowl confidence being joined together in the same sentence?