Baylor-TCU Started Slow, But the End Did Not Disappoint

Baylor v TCU
Baylor v TCU / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Through 59 minutes of football, No. 12 Baylor's matchup with TCU was not an entertaining game. The score was a ripe 9-6 and it seemed TCU was primed to pull out the upset. Then things got very interesting.

Baylor got the ball back late in the fourth and ended up at TCU's 29-yard line down three. A false start and an illegal motion penalty on the quarterback later, Baylor faced third-and-19 from the TCU 34. Baylor QB Charlie Brewer missed a wide-open receiver by barely a yard for what would have been an easy touchdown and secured the win. Baylor lined up for a 51-yard field goal, took a timeout (and icing their own kicker in the process), before John Mayer lined up and absolutely smoked it through the uprights to send the game to overtime.

Then OT started, and it got even more fun. Baylor scored a touchdown to open it up before TCU tied it on what might be the best touchdown catch of the year. On fourth-and-nine, no less!

TCU then quickly scored to open up the second overtime before Brewer, facing a fourth-and-five, rifled in a 20-yard touchdown to Denzel Mims to send it to a THIRD overtime.

Mims came out with another big touchdown to open up the next overtime, but per the new OT rules, teams must go for two starting in the third overtime. TCU initially responded with a fantastic run by QB Max Duggan, but the call was overturned after it was determined he stepped out of bounds.

TCU then ended up with the ball within the five yard line, but after a series of penalties faced a fourth-and-goal from the 13-yard line. They called a timeout to discuss their plans, but ultimately flopped and Duggan couldn't create more magic.

Baylor escapes with a wild victory.