Baylor's Shawn Oakman Destroyed TCU Punter Ethan Perry


Conditions in Fort Worth for last night’s Baylor-TCU game were less than ideal. The wet, windy and cold elements facilitated a scoreless second half and sent the two high-scoring teams to overtime knotted at 14-14. The Horned Frogs would go on to win, 28-21, in overtime to eliminate any hope for a Bears’ national-title.

But things could have played out differently had TCU punter Ethan Perry not averted potential disaster in the fourth quarter. After dropping a snap, Perry was forced to make lemonade out of lemons — all while Baylor’s 6-foot-9 wrecking ball Shawn Oakman beared down on him.

Certainly an unenviable task.

As thrilled as Horned Frogs fans are at Perry’s courage, punters all over the nation must be equally pleased. There have been far too many games decided by fumbled snaps in key moments.