This Baseball Movie Montage Warmed My Damn Heart


In normal times, baseball would be into its second month of play and my beloved Detroit Tigers would be floundering around down in the cellar. It's been surprisingly easy to not think about missing games on a daily basis but when one sits down and thinks about the totality of the situation, it's a real bummer.

Thankfully, there are countless fantastic baseball movies to cull for goosebump-inducing moments and hardworking social media users eager to do it. Combine those forces and you get six-plus minutes of America's pastime to briefly fill the void.

Oh yes, that's the good stuff. They could make 15 or 20 more of these and I'd watch every single one.

If you're thinking, "Hey! This would be a great opportunity to rank the best baseball movies ever made," congratulations on your instincts. Unfortunately, we already did that like some idiots before sports shut down. Just goes to show the relative value of doing something before absolutely forced.

Negligible at best.